Lovely Suffering Part 1
Luna Lovely realtimebondage 2018-06-02 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Eden sin and Luna Lovely start the livefeed wrapped up in a warm back to back roll. While customers talk to them and ask questions the girls learn they can roll over each other from one end of the stage to the other. It seems way too fun except for the danger of rolling into the pipes at the ends of the stage.

They are cut out of their burrito shell and made to undress each other. Luna is put into a handcuff hogtie. Her long hair is pulled painfully back to her pretty little toes. Luna's pussy is exposed and she's caned. First her feet then she has to hold herself up while her tits are being beaten.

Luna is put down on the ground and ropes are wound around her so tightly that she can't move an inch. She tries to wiggle away, but there's not even a tid bit of movement. That's when the whip comes out and Luna really gets it. She's screaming and cursing.
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