Riding The Rope
Wenona infernalrestraints 2012-11-30 24.95 credits Buy Movie
Wenona is about to experience one of the most sensational suspensions of her life. She isn't exactly freely swinging but she certainly feels like she is. Her feet are pulled to the sides to give Cyd Black access to her cunt and the harness she is in lets her sway in the breeze. While he's whipping her, vibrating her, and straight up pounding her pussy with Mr. Pogo, Wenona is helpless to do anything but hang around.

She is going to miss that state soon, though. Once her feet are on the ground things get much more painful. All it takes is a rope running through her crotch that is just a couple of inches too high. She can't get away from it and every time she shifts her weight the knots dig into her tender pink flesh. Her most vulnerable parts exposed, pressed hard against the rough fibers.
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