Pound of Flesh
Nora Riley infernalrestraints 2017-01-13 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Nora Reily has been down on her luck lately. She hasn't been able to find jobs easily, and the ones she finds she can't hold onto for long. Like anyone else, though, Nora has bills to pay, so no matter what she needs some way to get that money. That was how she made the mistake of falling in with the wrong crowd. Now she owes O.T. money, and worse, she owes his employer Eugene, but she doesn't have it to pay back, and still she needs more.

Lucky for her, O.T. says he won't bring Eugene into the matter if Nora will agree to star in one or two of his home movies. It won't be anything too extreme, just some horror movies he needs some more actors for. All she has to do is take a pill and come with him. When she wakes up from that pill, however is when the real horror movie starts. Nora suddenly finds herself trapped, held down to the floor by a thick metal bar over her neck. She tries to pull herself out from underneath it, but it's too low, her head is stuck, she can't move. And there is a large, too happy looking O.T. walking toward her.
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