5 Shades of DeGrey: The First Shade
Three updates in one, this week SexuallyBroken.com is proud to present the beginning of our epic, site spanning feature.

Night after night, Rain DeGrey sits next her husband on the couch as he plays his video games. She is bored and unfulfilled. Rain has needs that are getting neglected as her husband battles his dragons. Tonight she finally decided to try and read that book that everyone has been talking about lately...

After only a few pages she gives up. The book is worse than the video game dragons and she heads off to bed. But somehow once she has slipped into the safety of bed the book comes back. It haunts her as she suddenly slips deep down the sexual rabbithole, spiraling into a darkened hardware store where two masked lurking men grab her roughly. The nightmare begins. Or is it all her dreams fulfilled?

Her busty body is bound, her mouth hole used as relentless hard cock shoves deeply inside, training out her throat. One after the other, the dicks run a merciless train on her face. The bondage increases as she is strapped down into a blow job machine, reducing her to just a sheath for cock. The drool pours out of her moaning mouth as the cocks pour in.

Sheets of plastic suddenly encase her, leaving only the pussy and mouth free. The tag team dicks turn her into a whimpering sex sandwich, ragdoll fucking her every which way upon a dirty bed. Her smooth shaved pussy is fingered into a massive squirting orgasm, as Rain is reduced to a twitching well fucked mess. But this is only the beginning of Rain's long sexual journey tonight...tune into Hardtied.com to see the next chapter unfold.

As always, when we update with a feature we are giving you the full week's updates in one update, three scenes with a story line.

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