Big Girls Don't Pry
Mandy Muse infernalrestraints 2015-10-16 19.99 credits Buy Movie
All Mandy Muse had to do was mind her own fucking business. No one asked her to go snooping around in the "abandoned" building, looking for the source of the screams. It is, however, a convenient way for OT to attract new victims in the end. Maybe if he makes this one scream long enough another hot and nosey little minx will come wandering through his door.

Here's Mandy's problem. She can only scream so loud with the gag in her mouth and he has no intention of removing it until he wants to get another girl in his clutches. Besides, it's the easiest way to keep her locked to the pole in the middle of the room. She can only move her face about a foot away from it, but it doesn't inhibit access to the other end of her. OT can whip her, fuck her with dildos, vibrate her, or whatever else comes to mind.

When Mandy first got caught she thought that OT was just going to fuck her and she was terrified. When she was first locked up she was sure he would hurt her first but that that his cock would still be the worst of it. But when he had her on all fours like a dog, fingering herself while he whipped her back she realized that he had no intention of using her like that, and even more humiliating, that's all she wants now. The loss of control, the pain, the degradation, it's all made her so horny.
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