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Oh, Cadence. She is quite the character. I wonder what is actually taking place beneath that thin veneer? Cadence makes it difficult to pin down, and yet it is so obvious.

You'd think those big brown eyes of hers would be watching her tormentor. But she isn't the least bit interested. Instead, watch as Cadence turns her eyes away from her tormentor to instead gaze at her own image that's projected on the studio monitor. She can't help but be repeatedly drawn to her own reflection. Her own likeness.

This young Narcissist sits by her figurative pond, just as in the myth, so deeply in love with her own reflection that she forgets to eat, thus rendering her helplessly consumed by her own grandiose pride. Or is it insecurity? Is there a difference?

Being consumed by her own self, this particular bondage drama isn't between she and I. There is no room in her mind's drama for a supporting role. Cadence is the star and it is a one-woman show. This bondage drama is happening within the confines of Cadence's own psyche. Let's all watch as it unfolds....
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