French Twist
Freya French infernalrestraints 2015-09-11 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Well, Freya French is going to have to tell us later which of our devious devices she considers the worst. We've got a lot for her to choose from, and she is going to get to sample quite a few.

The adjustable metal collar is a good contender. It locks into an iron framework that allows us to raise or lower her ass, giving us unfettered access to her ass and pussy. From here we can cane her, flog her, whip her, or just vibrate her pussy until she eventually squirts all over the rough, wooden floor.

The ass hook is pretty nice, too. A useful tool, the way it controls her movements is elegant in its simplicity. If she wants to wiggle her butt or shift her weight she can, but it will mean fucking her own ass with the cold, metal hook.

But ultimately it is Mr. Pogo that most shames the lovely Freya. Being violated by the rubber dick on a stick, being made to cum through the pain and the humiliation, being punished for the way that her pussy squirts when she cums, it's all so degrading. The fact that it turns her on to be so harshly abused only reiterate her humiliation.
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