Useless Brat Part 1
Bonnie Day realtimebondage 2017-05-20 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Bonnie Day and Syren De Mer make the most adorable pile of lady flesh. Cuffed together like a puzzle they couldn't untangle themselves if they wanted to, but really why would they want to? As the questions heat up they get more and more cuddly. Bonnie will just not shut up. She talks and talks and talks which requires we put a hood on. Bonnie's voice is somewhat muted, but still she's too annoying to listen to. Syren goes in the cage while Bonnie strips naked.

We start to play the ever popular "Add A Rope" game. First a torso tie. Then a neck rope. Of course a gag. Then things start to get worse. Bonnie is getting more and more uncomfortable. The ropes are getting tighter and tighter. Bonnie's bondage is getting more and more confining. Her knee goes to her neck. Then the other leg gets pulled up behind her. Then finally the table she's perched on gets pulled out from under her and she's flying freely. Her only savior is the vibrator.
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