Snowy Seder Part 1
Skylar Snow realtimebondage 2019-06-01 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Skylar and OT are both Jewish. As an homage to their heritage they decided to make a Passover themed live show. To begin Skylar and Kiki relax inside their tubes. When the show starts Skylar is hung by her neck and whipped like her ancestors were. Her beautiful tits sway with each hit.

Skylar is tied into a ball and her panties are filled with Maror (Bitter Herbs) dipped in salt water. A choking device is put around her neck.

Skylar requested that she not be allowed to cum until the end of the show so in each scene she's teased to the very edge of orgasm over and over, but never allowed to cum.

With her gag in and the choking device on Skylar gets vibrated to the very brink of orgasm. She struggles to hold it back when the vibrator is pulled away each time.
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