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Congratulations! You’ve made it this far. We’ll explore how you got here, find out who you are. You’ve got tits and ass, shaved pussy below. So just sit and relax, we’ll start you off slow. You came here for some reason, whatever it is. You like sex, most likely and that's part of our biz. But that’s not the point, no, not at all, which is why we think big but begin very small. You like to feel helpless? Cause some women do. And if you do too, well then this job’s for you. You’ll be bound very tight, leather, metal and rope. Then just lie there and deal While we all gape and grope. And you’ll learn something, yes, about yourself or the world. Or perhaps you’ll realize we’re all too absurd. Sure, maybe you’ll like it. And maybe you won’t. You’ll never find out if you sit there and Don’t. So…whether your name is Ziggy, Pommette, or Ghost, just seize the day and make it your most. It's a lot of fun here, but you'll never know... Unless you give in and let yourself go.
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