The Agents Part 2
Maxim Law hardtied 2019-01-09 16.99 credits Buy Movie
London has long since given up hope of being rescued by her agency. When they lost touch with her they sent Maxim to find her. What she finds is not quite London. It’s hard to say that what she finds is all that human really.

Her captivity has lasted so long that her captors have become lazy. Her bondage is not as tight as it should be. She escapes. Maxim thinks she is in luck until she realizes London is not releasing her. It’s much worse. London intends to show Maxim what she’s had to endure.

Hitting only goes so far. London knows a torment even more effective. Touching a woman’s privates, making her orgasm against her will, is way more painful than any physical violence. As much as Maxim cries and screams London shows her no mercy.
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