Need To Please
Kat Monroe infernalrestraints 2017-12-29 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Many women come to Insex with the hopes of becoming a better submissive. They want to be trained or treated to a good time. It's never what they expected and that's no different for Kat Monroe. She wants to be a better sub. She has a need to please and we're going to make her please us.

Kat was hoping to have OT's hands all over her. She was expecting to be whipped and choked, but OT has a warped mind and he's going to make Kat work for him. First he makes her stand on a spike board. If she's going to learn to please others she better stay on it.

Then Kat has to shock herself and put clips and clamps all over her body. It's not long before she cries. She's whining and begging for OT to let her do something else. She's beginning to get into it, but the pain is so hard. She loves pleasing OT. Finally it's time for Kat to make herself cum hard. However, it's not going to be when or how Kat wants. She begs for OT to let it happen, but he wants her to wait. He wants her to edge herself till she's going out of her mind.
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