A Tale of Two Riggers
All over this country, all over the world, there are young, hot sluts trotting around in tight clothes or barely any at all, trying to get the attention of men. Men that they know better than to tease, but these sluts just can't help themselves.

Blonde sex-kitten Goldie Rush thinks that it's OK to strip nearly naked, let a man run his hands all over her tits, moan like she can't wait to be fucked, and then tell him that he's gone too far. She thinks it's alright to show off that tight body of hers, then try to walk it right out the door. But she forgot that she has no clue where she is, and no idea who she is fucking with. Before she even knows what's hit her she's locked down in metal bondage and begging for mercy. None is coming.

And far away is another girl who finds herself in too similar a situation. Endza Adair is locked down with legs spread wide, hoping that all her captor is lying when he says that he gets off on her tears. She's terrified, crying before the caning even starts, and if he's enjoying this as much as she is hating it, she knows that this is going to last a long time.
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