Zapper Twat
Kira Noir hardtied 2019-04-17 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Kira Noir looks nervous as she examines her surroundings. She's planned this play date, but she doesn't know her top. What might he do to her once she's bound. There's only one way to find out. As the ropes get tighter she relaxes a bit, but there's always that fear.

A strict hogtie becomes an even stricter hogtie when the table Kira is laying on is removed. With her cunt exposed she has swings around the stage. When he puts the vibrator on her clit she has no control over her orgasms. It's so intense she just flails.

She's having a good time, but each new position brings a new fear, this time will he do something truly fucked up? Sure enough he does. The cattle prod comes out and Kira is terrified. He presses the prongs into her flesh and slowly drags it down her body. Will he turn it on? How bad will it hurt?
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