Pitt of Despair
Apricot Pitts hardtied 2018-10-31 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Apricot Pitts is a bendy babe. Her elbows, with little effort touch. Of course OT exploits this immediately. With her wrists tied to her waist and her elbows together she can barely move her arms. That’s not enough. Her elbows get pulled up to the ring above her head and then down to her neck.

When she’s tired of being on her feet and she’s been stripped down to her panties her position is morphed into a severe hogtie with her feet pulled up to her neck. All the while her jaw is wrapped around a giant ball gag.

She has to kneel on the stool while OT vibrates her. Then she’s woven to the metal frame and clothes pins are attached to her in every spot they’ll fit on her. Then OT savagely whips them each off while Apricot screams and cries. She begs him not to shock her.
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