Winnie the Hun Part 3
Winnie Rider Amy Faye realtimebondage 2014-10-04 18.99 credits Buy Movie
She is already in tears. She is already so sore and tired. She is already barely holding it together. And now is when the hardest part of her day begins.

Winnie Rider knew that this is how it would be. No one lets themselves get locked into two sets of stocks and is surprised when the pain starts. The stocks have her curled into a “U” shape, like she is hogtied, but there is none of the softness that comes with rope. It's all been replaced with firm, unyielding wooden frames.

And when she has taken enough of a beating that she should barely be able to stand, we're going to free her from that bondage and find a new way to make her suffer. It's only when she is at her weakest that we decide to string her up by her wrists and make her dance for our canes.

That is when we have our magic moment. That is when we push her so far that we hit her limit and the switch is flipped. Instead of fearing the cane, now she wants it. Instead of pain she now feels pleasure. We've broken this one. Winnie is ours now.
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