Crazy, Sexy, Bound
Leigh Raven hardtied 2017-07-12 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Leigh Raven is one sexy alt girl. It takes someone as crazy as she is to get involved with the Insex Crew. Sometimes the worst torment is to be violated sexually. Matt doesn't waste any time. He fingers her till she cums while he pulls on her neck rope. As he cuts her clothes from her body she giggles. Is it nervous laughter or is she just that crazy?

With her face covered in an Insex Mask Matt binds her in a crazy back bending position. He canes her and chokes her. Then he pulls her tighter. The vibrator only makes a tense situation worse as Leigh's whole body goes into convulsions. Matt teases her over and over again.

With her legs spread Matt has full access to torment Leigh's tender cunt. The flogger makes it even more sensitive. The clothes pins on her nipples will slowly get number, but when they come off they are sure to hurt like a bitch. All mixed with breath play. Then she goes flying.
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