Rocky Emerson hardtied 2018-04-25 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Rocky Emerson is one tall drink of water! She's got the thin curvy body that looks great in a ton of rope. Her contorted frame is just too sexy to pass up. OT ties her wrists to her mouth and sits her on the floor. With her head tilted back she struggles to sit properly. Then her knees get tied to her sides. When OT suspends her by her ankles it's quite the breath play.

Rocky has those giant feet that come with such a tall body. They make the perfect target for a cane. Her pretty face makes the perfect target for some spit. After all such a giant bigfoot deserves to be spat on.

A rope around her waist shows just how tiny Rocky is. It makes her suck air in through her nose. Her mouth is gagged. OT puts her stinky panties fresh from her cunt right under her nose. Now she has to smell herself while OT is tormenting her.
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