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Lea Hart OT Bella Rossi topgrl 2015-06-01 9.99 credits Buy Movie
There is really nothing about Lea Hart that is off limits and we love that. Bella Rossi can take her on a hell of a ride through the finer points of bondage, rope, sex and corporal punishment without worrying about whether or not Lea can handle it. She's got a tight body that is begging for abuse. Bella isn't even going to try to break her. She just wants to use her for a little bit of fun.

Rope bondage is always an excellent way to get to know a girl. There is nothing more revealing than having Lea tied up on the floor of the dungeon, waiting to see what comes next. Well, there is a lot for her to get excited for. By the time she is lashed to the bamboo spreader bar she has been soaking wet for what feels like forever, waiting to feel the power of Bella's strap on. She won't have to wait long. Bella has been building up to this for the entire day. She's going to take the time to savor it.
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