Cathedral of Pain Part 1
Harley Ace realtimebondage 2015-11-21 18.99 credits Buy Movie
We had a bit of fun with Harley Ace for our Halloween live feed. She came in dressed as the cheshire cat and had the painful pleasure of meeting the monster from our recent feature presentation on

Harley was pretty smart. She wore a costume that was form fitting enough that we can play with her without stripping it off. That doesn't mean we won't soon have her naked, and when we do decide to strip her we'll do it by cutting her lovely outfit right off of her sexy body, but in the beginning, at least, it will be fun to see what kind of marks we can leave behind through the light fabric. It isn't a hard game, but it is a fun one.

When we do get her clothes off we realize that we liked her with those stripes, though. We pull her legs up into the air, attach nipple clamps so that it is painful if she jerks around too much, and then apply the cane to her calves and thighs until she is covered in enough red welts to satisfy us. Once she has her new costume on, then the real fun can begin.
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