Amy Likes It Rough
Amy Faye Jack Hammer hardtied 2015-09-02 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Amy Faye likes it rough, so when we put her on her knees it can't just be her casually sitting there in the classic slave position. Instead we use elaborate rope bondage to lean her forward so she is "resting" right on the points of them. We pull her up into a partial suspension and from there we can have our fun, vibrating her and fucking her with Mr. Pogo.

We take a break from giving her pleasure with her pain when we set up the horse and take her for a ride. Rough, unfinished wood presses into her pussy as her weight drags her down against it. She can't even use her arms for balance because they are tied to her body, and she can't scream in pain because of the rag taped into her mouth. This position is all about what Amy loves, pain.

It pays off. When we pull her down from there and spread her legs with more rope her pussy is dripping wet. In fact, her holes are so ready to be violated we give her a hot dildo-double-penetration. She's getting her cunt and her ass worked at the same time, tied up so that we can control the tempo, and the orgasms come on fast and furious. Amy told us that she likes it rough. When a girl comes to us with that kind of request we can't help but fulfill it.
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