I've always found being home alone scary. Every noise I hear is an intruder. Every shadow caught in the corner of my eye is a predator. I have nightmarish thoughts. What he might do if there ever was someone who caught me alone.

He enters the house silently. He creeps up on me. He strikes. I'm stunned. He takes advantage of my weakened state. I can feel him enter me against my will.

Once he's drained I'm transported - locked - threatened - tormented. He'll have his way with me again and again. Each time it's more brutal than the last.

I'm nothing, but a toy for his amusement. I'll suffer for him. I'll even enjoy it.
advantage     amusement     corner     eye     house     intruder     nightmarish thought     noise     nothing     predator     shadow     someone     time     toys     way     weakened state     
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