Failure Pudding Part 1
Nora Riley realtimebondage 2017-04-22 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Nora Riley is known to be pretty respectful and a fairly good listener, but only if you make it very clear who it is that owns her. That's why, for her live feed, we've outfitted her with an Insex collar to make sure that she knows just who is in charge. As long as she is wearing it, she has agreed to respect and obey every command she is given by our staff.

Immediately, Nora is bent over a wooden bench so that her fine ass is sticking up in the air for our handlers to admire and use in whatever way they or our audience pleases. First thingto do is to fill up her holes, so they lube up a dildo and slide it into her ass. She doesn't look quite comfortable with it in there at first, but her comfort is really not what we are looking out for right now.

After that it's time to beat that ass until it shines. London canes her hard, as she is known by our models to do, and almost immediately Nora is overwhelmed. Still, London presses on, tearing into her ass with the cane and a paddle after that. If the physical pain isn't enough for Nora, the humiliation and complete degradation of repeating "I am a big shit hole" over and over again should be enough to push her over the edge. She is in tears after only a few minutes.
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