Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2019-09-22 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Suspiria is a Latin phrase meaning "sighs from the depths". A fascinating scene unfolds as this female sex slave is placed in diabolical restraints with all three holes available for the taking distinguish by the only pink holes peaking through black are the mouth and another larger hole for the ass. This is Old-fashioned sadomasochism.

Here this scene plays out in the common bondage and discipline, whips and chains. The slave without identity is bound to the metal donkey device with leather cuffs for that plain old-fashioned whipping and Fucking. This is Sensualpain

BDSMporn, extreme, bdsm, Whipping, Singletail Whip, Galley Whip, explicit, slave, No identity, extreme bondage, Overhead nylons, identity removal, useless feet, useless arms, useless hands, extreme slave life, Leather Gag, closeup, extreme restraints, bound, Master James, abigail dupree, sex slave, real Master slave, dungeon, bald slave, pain, Painful, Tears, Crying, piercings, power exchange, Consensual Non-Consent, Sadism, Masochism
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