Wet Torment
Tia topgrl 2021-02-26 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Tia has the honor of being the next bitch in line for a play date with Sister Dee. Dee gets more turned on when she starts smothering her new slut-toy with her ass.

Sister Dee has more toys and canes and whips are entirely different. Dee has mastered her strikes with each and Tia has some serious suffering to do. The lashes leave bright red welts across her perfect tits and thighs.

After her body is made sensitive to the pain Dee decides to see what else she's sensitive too. Tia's pussy is wet from the torment and Mr. Pogo is going to take advantage of it. Dee primes her by caning her feet before putting a vibe right to her clit. Tia tries as hard as she can to scream through the gag. Dee gets her satisfaction by smothering those screams with her own twat until Tia is worn out from cumming.
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