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Bonnie Day is all about O.T., she has been trying to hook up with him for a long time. Now she has started to get a little too aggressive, when he rejects her this time, she threatens to tell London River, his main girl, that she's already slept with him already. Tragically for her, he's sitting with London when he gets the text with the threat, and the two of them know exactly what to do about her. When she arrives at O.T.'s place to meet him, she is instead met with London's fist and a quick nap.

When she wakes up she is all wrapped up in belts in a burlap sack with her mouth bound in a tape and cloth gag. Now it is time for O.T. and London to have their fun and exact their revenge on the presumptuous girl. O.T. slices off Bonnie's panties with a knife as London humiliates her by drawing a face on the sack where her face should be. The two of them take turns punching the sacked up girl.

O.T. then takes out a few of his tools and beats her body over and over again. He gets her all wrapped up in black gauze like a mummy, then slices a hole in it for him to be able to access her ass. He uses his cane to beat it until it is bright red. Then it's the whip cracking all up and down her body lashing against her soft skin. And after that the flogger, slamming against her until she screams.
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