Wet Dreams
Lexi Foxy infernalrestraints 2018-04-20 19.99 credits Buy Movie
There's nothing better than coming home to an empty house. I like to take care of myself of days like this. A nice warm soak in the bathtub - some bath salts - a slow tease of my clit. There's nothing better. My boyfriend Tim shouldn't be home till later.

"You're not Tim!!"

I'm pulled out of my warm bath. He sets the table. An obscene centerpiece - my lithe body. He makes a meal of it. He chews and swallows loudly at some leftovers. My traitorous cunt drips thickly.

He torments my body, but my mind is his real playground. With each predicament he makes me forget Tim. My body betrays me.

The transport is less than ideal. Chained in the back of an ancient van - time loses meaning - pain and pleasure are the same. I'm his.
ancient van     back     bath salt     body     boyfriend tim     clit     empty house     later"you're     lithe body     mind     nice warm soak     nothing     obscene centerpiece     real playground     slow tease     table     tim     traitorous cunt drip     transport     warm bath     
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