The Calling
Devilynne infernalrestraints 2016-03-04 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Devilynne is strolling around a new neighborhood, trying to save souls and bring them closer to god. She sees herself as missionary, on a path set by the Almighty. What O.T. sees is something completely different coming up to his door. He sees a sexy, young, naive lady with her assets just waiting to be unwrapped. Her body is hidden under the traditional garb, but he knows what's under there as well as if she were laid bare before him. Firm, round ass and her perky tits are enticing him further from her message and into temptation.

The second they start talking he knows he's going to have some fun with her. She wants to know how he thinks he can be closer to God. She will be screaming for Him in a little bit. O.T. knows Devilynne must have another side to her. No missionary has ever come to his door wearing such sexy panties under her outfit. She was looking for something new, and now she has found it.

Suffering is going to bring her closer to the universe. The caning, the whipping, even just the pain of spending her time in strict metal bondage will give her a new perspective on the world. It's pain, it's agony, and even the ecstasy of orgasm can be turned against her in this new world. She's being fucked in the ass, cumming until she can barely see straight, and instantly knows she has found her new god.
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