Used For Sex Legs Up
Slavery Basics
6. Sexuality:
You as a sex slave will be used for sex - Your sexuality belongs to me as your Master. You do not determine any aspect of your sexuality. As with all other facets of your life, your sexual drive, creativity and enjoyment are useful only in service to me. You must remember that in my eyes, sexual service, while enjoyable to both of us, should not be any more or less important than any of the other tasks you are assigned. Failure to perform properly, or performance that lacks enthusiasm is a sign of disrespect and is as punishable as any other act of disobedience.

You are obliged to meet my sexual needs on demand, and obliged to understand that you may be put to better use elsewhere. you will express your gratitude for the gift I have bestowed on you through dedication to my service, adherence to my rules, obedience to my will, and compliance to my desires.

Sex slave abigail is used here for the sexual enjoyment of Master James while bound and gagged on the fuck table.

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