French Cried
Freya French Jack Hammer hardtied 2016-03-09 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Freya French has come back looking for the kind of rough handling rope bondage that has made Jack Hammer famous. He puts her into the kind of contorted positions that make her joints ache and her pussy wet. This petite little pixie is into pain and suffering when she is doing it for someone strong enough to make her submit.

She needs to prove to Jack that she can be valuable to him. He wants to see how flexible his new little slut can be, twisting her until her arms almost pop out of their sockets. She can't even struggle against the tightness of the ropes. But Jack isn't only interested in how well she can bend before she breaks. He needs to see her skills when it comes to sucking a cock. She hasn't earned the right to taste his, but Mr. Pogo is handy and still better than she deserves.
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