Doctor Feel Good
Alex More    
2018-03-09, 54 minutes, 2,048 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
Credits to buy this movie: 19.99 credits
It's time for annual vaccinations at Doctor Feel Good's office. Alex More is first to get hers. Before he administers it he's going to need a sample from Alex. When Alex is done with her vaccination she finds herself in bondage. It's not what she was expecting, nor was it what she signed up for.

Doctor Feel Good is ready to play and he's got all the medical tools to use on poor Alex. You'd never know it by looking, but Alex has the most beautiful, giant clit the Doctor has ever seen. When her hood is pulled back it reveals the sweetest of morsels.

The Doctor pokes and prods it. He flicks and teases it. His twisted mind creates the most wicked of scenarios for Alex to undergo. She cries and screams and begs for him to stop. Her pleas go unanswered. The Doctor is having too much fun!
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