Rod Restraint
This simple training documentation is more psychological in the idea that a sex slave will submit and display submission at all times to support the end result of pleasing Master. This type of submission is complete TPE. a sample of Consensual Non-Consent CNC.

Domination Enhanced Beyond Rule Induced Superiority is based on the freedom to give up one's freedom - in spite of the naively banal efficacy and self-realization requirements of our society!

Domination Enhanced Beyond Rule Induced Superiority order is to help create a realistic framework for a BDSM-based life plan with clear role definitions Mr. ⁄ mistress and slave to establish ⁄ slave within individual different living environments, which defines an everyday, self-evident integration of dominant and submissive structures as the ultimate goal. DEBRIS is to lay an additional level of reality over life, which accompanies, permeates and invites with new meanings, manners, etc.

Master with his slave ..... is not a game.

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