Going Out
Violet October    
2018-06-20, 49 minutes, 2,048 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
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When Violet October said she wanted to go out we took her request seriously. OT ties her up tightly. Each tug on the ropes elicits a moan from Violet. She clearly enjoys this. Just how much she enjoys bondage seems to know no bounds. She's the real deal bondage slut. She giggles and moans at the slightest strain in her bondage.

When it's time for her clothes to come off she flinches and pulls back. The fear radiates off her body, but fear doesn't do to Violet what it does to most people. As OT teases her with being cut she moans and grunts. It's hard to tell whether she's loving or hating her treatment. The OTK spanking is another favorite of Violet's. OT ties her over his lap and spanks her till her ass is bright red.

Going out is dangerous. Violet asks for it and OT does his best to meet or exceed her expectations. He goes slow at first. Giving her little hints of breath play. He teases her pussy while giving her a choke hold. Violet is obviously feeling good, but she wants the complete experience. OT adds the vibrator and really goes for it.
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