Brat Training: It‘s Not About You
It's funny that Penny Barber thinks she is hot shit. She calls herself a MILF and prides herself on being a bratty little cunt that never breaks. She loves bondage. She loves discipline. She can't get enough of either, so most doms don't have what it takes to put her in her place. We can almost understand why. Penny is nothing if not hot. She's got great tits, a rocking ass, and you can tell from looking at her that she has the kind of holes you want to dive right into. Most doms would consider themselves lucky to get their hands on a woman like this.

Well, Jack Hammer isn't like most doms. This isn't about Penny for him, and the sooner she learns that the better off she will be. She has herself convinced that if she can keep her sassy attitude it means that she is in control. Well, if that's the case, what does it mean when she is crying so hard her make up is running down her face?

This isn't the end for her, either. You see, InfernalRestraints is all about metal bondage, devious devices and tough corporal punishment. We're taking her over to to give her a dose of something a little bit different. Rain DeGrey is anxiously awaiting her arrival with a fist full of rope and nothing but the worst intentions.
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