Euphoria Entwined
Paintoy Emma hardtied 2016-07-13 16.99 credits Buy Movie
You would expect a girl that finds herself tied up in a strange room to be clawing at the walls, but Paintoy Emma knows that there is no way out of this dungeon. Her only option is to submit her body to whatever punishments her new owner has devised, and hope that she has enough willpower to send her mind elsewhere. Every new torment brings its own challenge, but after the first few strikes her eyes glaze over and her screams turn to moans as she enters deeps subspace.

O.T. won't have any of that, though. He needs Emma completely present if he's going to get the reactions he wants. He's going to go through his arsenal, pulling out toy after toy until he finds something that scares her enough to make her beg for mercy and pledge her cooperation and obedience.

O.T. ties Emma's hands to her feet so that she is made to stand on her tip toes, then takes a cane to the backs of her calves. He takes his whip and uses it to color her body in red with lash marks. He ties her in all different positions, and through all of it she manages to keep her mind in some other place. But as soon as the cattle prod comes out Emma is on the floor squirming around and begging for mercy. And now that he has broken her will the true slave training can begin.
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