Slave A Part 1
Abigail Dupree is a serious slave. She does as commanded without any sort of resistance. She is ready to submit, sexually, from the moment she is in chains. As she is standing there with her head locked into a wooden yoke, our crew strips her so naked they even take the piercings out of her pussy. Abigail will only wear what we put on her today, mostly the marks of our corporal punishment.

Things get hot fast. We have Abigail begging for relief while she is standing on the spike boards. The decoration model, Endza, watches lustily. When our crew slides the Hitachi into her cage, Endza is ready to get off in a matter of seconds. She loves seeing other women tortured. Endza's really going to enjoy the show when we start introducing butt plugs and dildos to the mix. Rain has real love of fucking slave girls. She straps on a cock and pounds Abigail's pussy until she's deep into subspace.
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