Chocolate Eclair
Most bad students get bad grades. Some get detention. Cupcake SinClair is so much worse than most students, though. She doesn't just get bad grades or talk back. Headmaster Jack Hammer is constantly hearing stories of her sucking and fucking all over the campus. It's not the kind of behavior he is going to accept in his facilities. She will need to be reconditioned.

A good education involves both rewards and punishments. If she is good Cupcake will get that tight little pussy of hers stuffed with cock courtesy of Mr. Pogo. She may even get to spend some time with the Hitachi. But for as long as she is talking back and acting up, Jack isn't going to give her a second of satisfaction. For now it will be rope bondage and corporal punishment. Only when she has learned to be an obedient student will he reward her good behavior with body rocking orgasms.
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