Bad Teacher
Sybil has been teaching lessons she knows are banned and so PD is going to school her on some of his own ideas. She needs to learn what it feels like to be a worm on the ground. PD is going to show her. He will take what little dignity she has and grind it beneath his heel.

There are all kinds of painful and humiliating acts for Sybil to perform; things that would never even occur to a less perverse mind. She will eat fruit that he stuffed up her snatch, and endure insults hurled from the class. They will not leave marks, but the pain of it is clearly visible on her face and in her eyes. The canes are even more obvious, since they not only mark but evoke a much more noticeable response. They make her scream and cry and plead for it all to stop. It is the perfect way to teach her what is acceptable and what is not.
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