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Sometimes BDSM is like a rivalry between the Top and the bottom. With Luna Rival this is very much the case. Will he win? Will she? She's bound helplessly with her arms at her sides. He chokes her, gropes her, tickles her. She flails and kicks. He whips her with a rubber flogger.

She's locked to the floor with heavy metal. She can lay down, she can squat, she can kneel, but she cannot get away. He whips her back, her ass, and her feet. He locks a collar around her neck and attaches her wrists to it around her legs. The he rolls her back and exposes her pussy. She can't stop him from giving her a squirting orgasm. Would she if she could though?

A chain extends from floor to ceiling. Her wrists are attached to it. He moves one up. Then the other down. He exposes her side for his torments. Then she's down kneeling. Then on the floor with a leg up. She's exposed. He pounds her ass with a pogo till she cums again.
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