Pas de Deux
Penny Lay London River hardtied 2017-12-27 16.99 credits Buy Movie
London River doesn't mess around when it comes to being a bottom. Why would it be any different when she's topping? Few women can claim the type of skills London has mastered. Penny is about to find out just how fucked up playing with London can be.

London has a thing for feet and Penny has some cute ones. London takes no time before going after them. First she savors them and then she hurts them. It's a dance that both parties benefit from. London even brings out the dancing shoes to hit Penny's feet with.

Penny is a skinny like a ballerina. It doesn't matter that she's never danced a day in her life. London is going to put her on pointe and make her move. If that wasn't painful enough London removes one of her legs.
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