Winnie the Whiner
Winnie Rider Jack Hammer hardtied 2014-08-20 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Winnie Rider has the kind of fantasies all girls have, but most are never ready to admit. This hot blonde wants to be bound. She wants to have her big tits roughly handled. She wants her beautiful ass to be plundered. She wants to feel her tight pussy crammed full of cock. And if it all comes with a ball gag, some corporal punishment and miles of rope holding her firmly in place then it's even better as far as she is concerned.

Enter Jack Hammer. His presence fills the room with tension and Winnie's head with fantasies. She starts off in a tough partial suspension but it isn't long before she is flying completely off the ground. She can wriggle and she can scream, but she just can't get away. She gets enough tickling to make her hyperventilate.

She really starts to complain when she is bent over the box and Jack starts caning her. Ass, tits, pussy, calves, nothing is off limits because she is in no position to stop him. All she can do is curse and complain. It gets her labeled “Winnie the Whiner” but it didn't make Jack any kinder. If anything it made the next round of corporal worse. The single tail whip across her pussy almost brings tears to her eyes. And just because he is vibrating her clit does not mean that she is allowed to cum. She's going to have to work pretty hard to earn that.
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