Winter Break Part 1
Ashley Lane hardtied 2018-01-31 26.99 credits Buy Movie
This last semester at university was rough. Long nights studying and working two jobs to pay for it. All I wanted was a bit of a break. My parent's cabin in the woods was empty and I always sleep so well when I'm here. It's so remote no one ever bothers me. It's so safe up here we don't even lock the doors or windows.

It felt like a dream, the ropes began to caress my skin. As I roused I felt the tightness of the bondage. My mouth was filled with rope and struggled to move. There was no escape for me. I tried to stay quiet so that maybe he wouldn't hurt me. That didn't work. It seemed there was nothing I could do.

His intentions were unclear at first. Did he want to fuck me? Did he want to hurt me? Did he just want me as his play thing? As the torments kept coming it became obvious that he wanted all of that. I was to be his to do with as he pleased.
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