The Wages of Sin Part 3
Eden Sin realtimebondage 2018-07-21 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Eden is still coming down off the high of the candle wax. Her tired body lays limply on the ground. OT steps on her face before picking her up. He roughly removes the last of the candle wax from her front. Then he spanks her ass and uses his knife to get the last bits off her cunt.

The members want to know how wet she is so OT fingers her to orgasm. She can barely stand and the drool just drips from her mouth. It's time for large objects in her pussy. She shoves an impossible dildo in her dripping slit. How she does it no one knows, but she gets it in her.

When Eden sin asks you for something like putting needles through her labia you just do it. When the members say one more through the clit hood you do that too. When OT wants to vibrate them well he just does it.
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