Stuck in Bondage, Again
Hazel Hypnotic infernalrestraints 2014-05-02 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Hazel has been with us for a while and she knows what we are capable of. That doesn't mean we won't surprise her. A blindfold allows her imagination to work wonders as we prepare the unimaginable.

First the nipple cups. You just turn the nob and the piston sucks the nips in. As the blood balloons in her nipples it brings a new level of sensitivity to her tits. Soon they are the perfect targets for a sharp caning that will have her eyes welling up with tears in a matter of seconds.

The Wartenberg wheel is another rarely used toy that we've brought out just for Hazel. It is covered in tiny little spikes that roll across her body. She likes it a hell of a lot more than the whip that gets broken out next.

The last bind is the worst for her. She is face down and ass up with nose hooks keeping her head immobilized. The ass hook holds her back side still while vicious cane strokes rain down on it. It also keeps her from going anywhere for the rough dildo-fucking that she gets. Hazel may be a veteran of bondage, but we've still got a few wicked tricks up our sleeves.
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