Caged Predicaments - Cantilever
Slave abigail is not happy to be back in this seemingly innocent compression cage. Master James has been keeping her here when she is not being used by Him (or anyone else he deems worthy) in other ways and by the looks of things, she may have started being just a bit too vocal about her discomforts. Her head positioned outside of the steel bars, she is immobilized to an even greater extent with a strict and rigid posture collar that she had just finished making to her Master's precise specifications the night before. She took her time knowing that when she was through, it was back to the cage for the night. A large ball gag is firmly in place and when combined with the posture collar, it turns every slight movement or even slouch, into a potential panic for this claustrophobic slave. Master James values nothing greater than he values His slave abigail, but he knows that it must not go to her head. The greater she pleases Him the greater he must be at presenting her with that challenge she so needs. How much are you worth slave? Are you worth your weight in rusted iron?

This is a completely different video, video was shot a few days after than the 111 minute video "Caged Predicaments". enjoy.
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