Just a Whore
Lauren Phillips infernalrestraints 2017-02-10 19.99 credits Buy Movie
This languishing torment is like brainwashing for Lauren Phillips. As she struggles against her chains she hears O.T.'s words echoing in the back of her head. "You're just a whore. Nothing but a dirty whore."

I'm just a whore living in captivity. This is my life; chains, and canes, and endless pain. I'm just a whore and this is my destiny; to have my holes violated by whatever device my new master has handy.

I'm not being punished for anything. I know my place. When he whips my back or canes my ass, it isn't because I did something wrong, it's because I am wrong. It's what I deserve. I'm just a whore and this is what I'm good for.
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