Blonde Tied and Spread
Abigail Dupree Master James 2020-01-29 14.99 credits Buy Movie
Blondes have more fun. Correction; A sadistic handler has more fun when the blonde is NOT. Yes, that is much more appropriate. The BDSM Master loves to see them squirm in discomfort and cry in pain. All of the normal things a top will do during a rope session are just not seen here.

Well, the similarities are that there is a bottom, a handler and then there is the rope of course. Here you will not see the bottom enjoy this session at all. There are no orgasms from the dick on the stick (Poking tender pussy with a stick) or the small clit vibrator (A some-what raw filed electric toothbrush). Instead of moans of pleasure there is sighs of discomfort and groans of pain. The groping is rough, the rope is painful and if she starts to have pleasure, Master takes it away.

The bottom is not her for the bottoms pleasure, the bottom is here for the handlers pleasure. This is confirmed by the bottoms complaining and the handlers giggle when she jumps, squirms and grumbles.

BDSM, Bondage, Rope, Ugly Skirt, Blonde, Sadistic Master, Handler, bottom, Dick Stick, Pain, No Pleasure, Pussy pain, Spread Pussy, wedgy, groping, Silk Blindfold, Leg spreading, Block and Tackle, Squirming, Clit Vibrator, Poking Pussy, Orgasm Denial