Cherried Blossom Part 1
Blossom London River hardtied 2017-02-15 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Just about every model who comes through our dungeon has inhibitions about one thing or another. At some point during their time with us, almost every single one has a moment where they are clearly only scared or only in pain, almost like they don't want to be doing what they're doing anymore. Blossom, however, never for one second has that moment. She loves every single bit of the work she does and you can read it plainly on her face.

At first, London River has her tied up, face down on the floor, her wrists lashed tightly to her ankles in a hogtie. Slowly, London undresses her, first removing the high heels, then pulling her skirt up so she has access to her ass. London starts caning her feet and moves up her calves all the way to her thighs. The sound of the whacks as the cane makes contact with skin is remarkable, showing just how hard London is hitting, but equally remarkable is the sound of Blossom's laughter as she is beaten. She looks like she is having the time of her life.

London has a field day with her, since it isn't so often that she gets a model who is so ready and raring to try out anything she wants to do to them. She pulls a bag over Blossom's head to make it hard for her to breathe and wraps her mouth in an electrical tape gag. She splays Blossom out spread eagle on the floor, her wrists tied to the ground as far out as they can be stretched. She attaches binder clips all over her body, going as far as to clip one on her tongue. Blossom flinches now and again, but mostly she just eats it up. She lives to take a beating, and right now she is living life to the fullest.
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