Screaming Ashley
Ashley Lane Jack Hammer hardtied 2014-10-08 16.99 credits Buy Movie
The cruelest thing we do is ask these girls if they are ready for what is about to happen. The only replies we ever receive are enthusiastic consents. “I was born ready,” she'll say. Or “You bet.” But they are never ready. They are always so eager going in, and they always feel better coming out. But that middle period, when there is nothing but bondage, pain, discipline and discomfort... they never seem to expect it. And later on we always say, “I thought you said you were ready.”

Some girls suffer quietly. They just gently sob to themselves. Others, like Ashley Lane, scream out when everything becomes to much for them. The air is split by her cries, whether they are pain or pleasure. Her pussy is getting a lot of attention today, and like so many others we asked her if she was ready before we even laid a finger on her. And like so many others she told us yes.

But can anyone be ready for a whip snapping directly against their clit? How does a girl mentally prepare to be double penetrated with cold, steel hooks. How many orgasms can a woman have, each one more intense than the last, before her eyes roll back in her head an she is just a cum-drunk shell waiting for more?
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