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Welcome back the amazing Amber Rayne to Sexually Broken, the fastest growing sex and submission web site on the net! If every person on planet had the sexual attitude of Amber, Men wouldn't have time to fight wars...

This was the Meet & Greet with Amber, it is the first scene we do for the day. It's where we create bondage while you watch. All the tying is done on screen, as the scene flows, morphs. These are the most realistic BDSM scenes on the 'net. The rigger/handler is bringing the cock. Nowhere else on the 'net do you find that. All other sites have a director tie up the girl and a porn star walks in to fuck her, in other words, 100% staged and FAKE.

We start by binding Amber's elbows tightly together, then flogging her arms. We abuse her hard nipples, and strip her. We make her take off her own shoes, she struggles and we punish her for slowness. Amber loves cock deep in her throat. Normally she controls that situation, not today. We roughly deep throat that pretty face into subspace. Amber struggles, we are abusive with the cock. She is skull fucked like she has never been skull fucked before.

Amber is now pretty loopy. We knock her down and bind a rod though her elbows and attach her knees to it, and her pretty feet are bound. We rock her on to her back and she finds herself completely vulnerable, legs spread wide, elbows remain tightly bound behind. We finger blast Amber's "G" spot, and within seconds she is a screaming, squirting, cum bot!

We aren't done. We sit Amber up and attach a pulley system to the rod, suspending Amber by her bound elbows and legs. The bondage is brutal, the model suffers. We pull out the vibrator and make Amber cum again and again. She is lost deep in subspace, we let her float there, alone and in a Category 5 suspension.
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